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About Launca

Since its establishment in 2013, Launca has been solely dedicated to designing, manufacturing and marketing reliable, affordable and easy-to-use intraoral scanners for digital dentistry. Connecting with CAD/CAM platforms, Launca intraoral scanner enables one-visit chair-side clinical experience with the least spending. CE certified and ISO 13485 compliant, Launca’s technology is synced with that of the top players in digital dentistry.

As rooted in China’s best talent hub Shenzhen and manufacturing base Dongguan, Launca is confident in bringing cutting-edge digital dental solution not only to the tiny few, but also to the great many. Launca believes that digitalization is the future of dentistry.



At Launca, product is our life. We are not only quality directed, but also market sensitive. Listening to feedback and constantly renovating is Launca’s sercret of being brilliant. Within a short span, Launca’s intraoral scanner has been exported to more than 30 countries.
As substantial investment goes into R&D each year, Launca has accumulated a wealth of talents and know-how to constantly renovate.Its handpiece is ever small, scan ever accurate, fast and smooth, and clinical experience is ever so pleasant!
Launca is known for its high-standard quality management system through various production stages by the sophiscated QA team. Our well-trained staff carry out routinely internal and external audits. Launca’s quality management is not static but process-based and future-oriented. In order to ensure strict implementation of clean production, we conduct long-term tests at our 100000 grade clean workshop.
In fact, in Launca’s research center, quality testings, 3D imaging data studies as well as thorough technical analysis of new products are carried out in a “state-of-the-art” fashion. Our core values are highly attentive customer care,quality product at affordable price, as well as fast response to the market. We won’t settle for anything less than excellency.
In 2015, Launca has successfully developed China’s first true color 3D intraoral scanner, and is now ready to launch its 2nd generation intraoral scanner worldwide!
Dr. Jian Lu, president and founder of Launca, is a PHD holder of California Institute of Technology. With more than 13 years’experience of 3D imaging research and marketing, Dr Jian Lu is an integration of technical expertise with business shrewdness. Under his leadership, launca is marching steadily towards the goal of bringing digitalization to the whole dentistry.
Dr. Jian Lu