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Launca's first batch of powder-free intraoral scanner DL-202 leaves stunning first impression in Europe

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ARIA CAD/CAM 2019 France   October 3-5th

Launca was invited by local partners to display the next-level intraoral scanner DL-200 at the annual-meeting-like CAD/CAM event. The remarks from the discreet dentistry elites are generous: accurate, fast and super data quality. According to them Launca has the most clear-cut and the simplest-to-use system. Especially, the cart-style alternative that makes a convenient workstation is frequently talked about.


IFED-SEPES BCN 2019 Spain  October 10-12th

Here in Barcelona, out of 14 major implant exhibitors, 11 of them show digital implant solution with intraoral scanner.Launca joined local partner M10 in displaying our new intraoral scanner DL-200. We met the passionate visitors who asked many questions about DL-200. When on-site scanning was done, and vividly captured detail-revealing 3D images were displayed on the screen, they are unanimously nodded for the superb accuracy and data quality of DL-200. What also attracted them deeply is our no-strings-attached service policy: no compulsory annual fee or hidden fee!


Colloquium Dental 2019 Italy   October 17-19th

In the Mediterranean Brescia ,we met our local partners and checked our powder-free intraoral scanner DL-200 together.The accuracy testing is carried out on schedule and the result is great. It is the real all-in-one intraoral scanner solution.