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2019-2020 Launca Annual meeting and team building

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On Jan 3rd - 4th,2020, Launca people from Dongguan, Shenzhen and the branch offices nationwide gathered in the coastal city Huizhou to attend our annual meeting and a series of outdoor programs. During the 2-day campaign, Launca people poured their passion in the programs, showing their determination, tenacity, courage in achieving excellency. 

The campaign was kicked off by a whistle of the drillmaster who is proved to be an excellent coach for team building. 


Episode1:flowing ring, group tennis drumming, wall climbing

These are games that test your will and group coordination. Especially, the wall climbing is an unlikely challenge. A 4.2m wall seems impossible to cross, but as the 8 guys at the base shoulder three guys at the second layer, and a guy at the top relays us to the top, it just happened. They are sweating, so we get to the top without a sweat.



Flowing ring and group tennis drumming need the team to be extremely uniform in movement. We are many and we are one, so we are impregnable. At this moment, we firmly believe there is nothing we cant achieve as a team.



Episode 2: Annual meeting

Work hard and play hard, this is Launca Style. Dining, awarding, toasting, show watching, lucky draw, Launca beer cup give the night so much fun.



Episode 3: offshore fishing - picnic - wax museum

At this period of a year, sun shines just ok, not too much, just the right measure. Ocean breeze left smile on everyones face when offshore fishing is going on. We waited for our own trawl, and filled with joy no matter what catch we receive.


Picnic was no drudgery at all when everything is in apple pie's order and everyone was motivated to do their part. We prepared the meal all by ourselves, washing, table laying, material chopping, fire making, and cleaning, most of all, cooking. Within an hour, all dishes are ready. And they taste really good.

The final episode was wax museum. Role playing is the most amusing part of the day. And the creative elements add to the fun. It resonates with the innovativeness of Launca peaople.



Working with such a bunch of open-minded, highly motivated joyful guys, your inner strength is so intense. We are so proud to be Launca people. And we are ready to excel!

Find hapiness within, let the smile bloom.