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Product name

Launca DL-100 Intraoral Scanner

Product description


A revolutionary impression method

DL-100 embraces digital dentistry with its fast and accurate optical impression technology. Its consistent reliability and accurate data acquisition provides dentists and patients easy and comfort clinical experience. And the acquired 3D digital model on a high-definition touch screen is far more convenient for dentists to analyze clinical cases and communicate with patients than a traditional impression.

Launca DL-100 Intraoral Scanner

Benefits & Features

Launca DL-100 Intraoral Scanner

More accurate

3d digital impression with true colour

The cutting-edge multi-channel true color 3d imaging technology guarantees high intraoral scanning accuracy. The ergonomic handheld scanning handpiece makes it so easy to hover in the mouth. Its open STL file export supports a variety of design and milling platforms.

More practical

A fashionable cart makes it easy to move in the clinic. Open STL data export facilitates a smooth transfer to any third-party CAD/CAM platform via internet or built-in USB ports.

Launca DL-100 Intraoral Scanner

Launca DL-100 Intraoral Scanner


Real time video capture and 3D reconstruction

Real time video capture and simultaneous 3D reconstruction provides you instant scanning feedback.


Save time and cost
More comfortable and hygienic dental experience
High quality clinical results

Launca DL-100 Intraoral Scanner


Launca DL-100 Intraoral Scanner




Parameters and configuration

Advanced Imaging technology

Video-based scan with real-time 3D reconstruction

Recommended Scan Depth

0mm-22mm, highest scan depth in the market

Scanning handpiece dimension

Length:235mm, diameter:28mm

Tip Height,Width and length:13mm*19mm*70mm

Scanning handpiece weight


Scanning handpiece calibration

No calibration required

Multi-touch operation

1080P HD multi-touch screen

Support model trimming, rotation, and zooming

Data format

Open .STL and .PLY

Operating System

Windows 10




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