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DL-206 Intraoral Scanner

DL-206 is by far the lightest, smallest, but also the most powerful powder-free intraoral scanner we've ever made, it deliv­ers superior dentist/patient satisfaction with enhanced scan accuracy, ease of scan and intelligent functionality.

  • Light Weight

    Only 250 Perfect balance of size and weight in hand.
  • Open File Format

    Open data connection to CAD/CAM platform STL/PLY output.
  • Removable Scanner Tip

    Autoclavable time: 40
  • Light Source

  • Scan Depth

  • Absolute Accuracy

    Quadrant:30µm Full Arch:60µm
DL-202/202P Intraoral Scanner

Launca DL-200 is a powder-free intraoral scanner with top accuracy and speed at a notably affordable price. The newly included nifty smart functions makes it just faster, smarter and better!

  • Top Accuracy

    Top full jaw scan accuracy Top quadrant scan accuracy Clear margin line defining HD 3D image Full-color vivid display
  • Fast and smooth scan

    Spacious scan window(FOV) Intuitive scan resuming Re-scan at anytime Large depth field            
  • Rarely seen Smartness

    AI removal of foreign tissues Real-time bite register Real-time 3D image optimization Online quality judgement           
  • Simple to use

    Powder-free Compact aerodynamic-shaped Autoclavable for ideal disinfection
DL-150 Intraoral Scanner

DL-150 is the smallest ever intraoral scanner in the market with proven accuracy and speed.

  • Accurate

    HD image in full colorClear margin lineUse optical powder to promise high accuracy
  • Small and Ergonomic

    Real-time video capture and 3D reconstruction Instant scanning feedbackQuick scan recovery
Launca DL-100 Intraoral Scanner

Launca DL-100 is China’s first true color 3D intraoral scanner. It has laid the foundation for successful digital dental diagnosis and treatment based on its proprietary 3D picture technology. Launca DL-100 brings unthought of clinical experience to both the dentists and patients.

  • Accurate

    3D digital impression with true color3D imaging technologyHigher accuracy with a light spray
  • Fast

    Real-time video capture and 3D reconstruction Instant scanning feedbackQuick scan recovery