Interview with Dr. Rigano Roberto And His Opinions about Launca Digital Scanner
Jun 02, 2021

Dr.  Roberto Rigano, 




We are very excited to have an experienced and professional dentist like Dr. Roberto to share his experience with Launca today.




-Do you think DL-206p is the easy entry of digital dentistry for dentists?  


Dr. Roberto -" The Launca DL206P 3D Intraoral Scanner is surprisingly easy to use.
1. The software also very easy to use, allows you to start a new case with a minimum of information.
2. The scanner is particularly easy to use, thanks to good ergonomics. DL-206P is one of the lightest scanners on the market, making it one of the most pleasant devices to use.
And, thanks to free software updates has made the digitization of teeth even easier: automatic elimination of soft tissue such, that means tongue, fingers, as well as overlap will all have auto-correction (much faster than in the previous version of the software) ."





-What do you think of the functionality of DL-206p?  


Dr. Roberto -"Very much appreciate the new option to rescan part of the impression, before finalization.
Perhaps being able to choose a smaller eraser, when post-editing, may make the task of cleaning the imprint easier.
Excellent simplicity to send the order form as well as the digital fingerprints, in standard STL or PLY format.
For those like me from previous systems, with powder coating and black and white image (even on green screen for seniors) Launca provides a real comfortable experience for both dentist and patients."




-Do you have any suggestions for dentists who recently get their own DL-206p? 


Dr. Roberto -" A digital imprint that can be properly exploited by your reference laboratory and will only require a reasonable effort to learn this camera.
Every scanner in the market have their own method to scan, I strongly recommend basic training for easier handling.
After the study, a French-speaking forum for support and Launca intraoral scanner facebook community will certainly help you to learn more skills and keep your info on digital dentistry updated.

With a little practice, you can make a complete digital data (upper and lower impression completed, analysis occlusion, post process, sending of the lab file with standard STL or PLY format) and your lab can directly check the quality of your impression. So if necessary, go digital with Launca.

To conclude, a device with one of the best value for money on the market, rather easy to use and easy to digitize your practice's workflow."




Thanks for the detailed sharing by Dr.Robeto. We will continue to improve the software and hardware to meet the needs of all dentists. At the same time, thank you for pointing out the ease of use of DL-206p. We always believe that as an intraoral scanner, the most important thing is to let the dentist get started quickly while ensuring higher accuracy and faster speed.