Launca Medical Announces Official Regional Partnership with ABcareUSA
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Jul 28, 21

Shenzhen -  Launca Medical and ABcareUSA are pleased to announce that they have entered into an official regional partnership combining Launca Medical's leading 3D imaging Technology capabilities with ABcareUSA strong track record in dental equipment and business environments.






In the US, digital intraoral scanning technology combined with CAD/CAM technology has significantly reduced labor, cost and time involved in the production of dental restorations and implants. However, digital technology requires substantial capital investment. Small labs have taken a large portion of the dental market, but often lack the funding to invest in the newest technology. Therefore, in recent years, we have witnessed laboratory consolidation becoming an important trend within the industry.

“ We are so delighted to have ABcareUSA as our regional partner in the United States, In the U.S, dentists are waiting for an easy-use digital dental scanner with fast scan speed and high accuracy to uplift their efficiency in dental treatment. So the collaboration with ABcareUSA can definitely help more dentists get to know about Launca intraoral scanner” says Karl Chen, the global marketing chef of Launca Medical.






Under the global pandemic, digital dentistry actually offers a safer and more hygienic workflow. Intraoral scanners are able to generate digital impressions faster and more accurately compared with traditional impressions, and reducing contact time between dentists and patients. In addition, many dentists in the US have taken advantage of the COVID-19 quarantine period to learn new technologies.

Through the strategic regional partnership, Launca Medical will work together with ABcareUSA to empower dental practices and labs in the United States. Launca believes that with their rich experience in channeling dental equipment, dentists in the United States will have faster access to Launca intraoral scanners.