Launca Medical Raised Tens of Millions Dollars from TopoScend Capital in Additional Series-B Funding
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May 20, 21


Recently, Guangdong Launca Medical Device Technology Co., Ltd. (Hereafter referred to as Launca medical) announced that it had completed the additional Series-B funding of tens of millions of dollars by TopoScend Capital. Before this, Launca Medical obtained tens of millions of dollars in Series-B funding from Guozhong Venture Capital in January this year.



Since its establishment in 2013, Launca has been engaged in providing innovative solutions for digital dentistry. With its own patents, Launca has launched its first intraoral scanner DL-100 in 2015, and then Launca continuously improving and iterating its intraoral scanner and successfully released DL-150, DL-202 and DL-206 to the market. 



Dr. Jian Lu, president and founder of Launca, is a PHD holder of California Institute of Technology. With more than 13 years' experience in 3D imaging research and marketing, Dr. Jian Lu is an integration of technical expertise with business shrewdness. Under his leadership, Launca is marching steadily towards the goal of bringing digitalization to the whole dentistry.







Its newest product DL-206 intraoral scanner is widely used in implant, aesthetic restoration, invisible orthodontics and other fields. It makes the operation of dentists more efficient and convenient. It is a preferred option for users in dentistry and technician all over the world. At present, the product has successfully obtained CE and FDA certifications.



After the completion of this round's funding, Launca Medical will further utilize the cooperation with manufacturers of upstream and downstream, accelerate the research efficiency, development of intraoral technologies and solutions in the field.



At the same time, Launca will pay more attention to the proportion of R&D and operation in North America and Europe, continue to expand business areas, improve the layout in the country and in the world, and bring more value to the users, clinical hospitals and shareholders.



The TopoScend Capital states, There is a critical period of digital transformation in dental industry . As an enterprise in the field of digital dentistry in China, Launca medical has made great achievements and breakthroughs in digital impression scanner market as it provides solutions in planting and orthodontic repair. Together with a strong R & D and training team, they formed a unique competitive barrier in the digital 3D intraoral field. The TopoScend Capital is optimistic about the layout of Launca medical, and is confident in helping Launca broaden its boundary so as to become a leading enterprise of digital oral medicine for a long time.