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Get Started

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2.1 How to set up the device?

1. Connection of Power;

2. When connecting the intraoral scanner to AC power, make sure that one end of the power adapter is properly connected to the power socket of the camera adapter unit and the other end is plugged into an AC outlet;
3. Connection of an Intraoral Camera;

4. Take the intraoral camera out of the box and connect the data cable to the socket of the camera adapter unit by keeping the red dot of the interface on the data cable in line with the red dot of the socket on the unit. Then, shake it gently to check whether it is properly connected;

5. Connect a camera tip to the intraoral camera;

#note: A tip must be connected tightly to intraoral camera.

6. Connection of a notebook;

7. Plug the USB data cable on the camera adapter unit into a notebook;

8. Connection of Peripherals;

9. Connect dongle to USB interface;

2.2 How to set up the applications?

To set up the Launca Intraoral Scanner applications, the user must locate the file named "LauncascannerSetup" and run it. Follow the instruction and install both applications on your PC. Before having the first scan, the user should create a doctor's file on the Management App and then run the Scanning App to create a patient's file before the scanning section starts.


2.3 How do I scan?

Before you start scanning, try to find the best position for you, the monitor, and your patient. Make sure you have a clear sight on both patient's teeth and the monitor. After everything is in position, find a way to hold the scanner that you think is the most comfortable for yourself. Next, press the start button on the handpiece or the 'start' on the screen to start scanning, the scanner will be ready to go once the scanner tip starts flashing white light.

Check out a full-arch scanning with the DL-202:


2.4 How do I upgrade the software?

To upgrade your driver, go to select the correct configurations for your PC. Next, go to search and you will find the latest updated driver that is provided by NVIDIA. Follow the instructions and install to update your driver.

For any Launca App upgrades, once there are any software upgrade requirements, Launca officials will send the latest upgrade package to each of our clients with detailed guidance to help finish the software upgrade.