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Q1. Discontinuous Scanning

1)Please check whether the computer power supply is connected. When computer is working on battery, the GPU performance might decrease seriously.

2)Please check whether the tip is in firm contact with the handpiece.

3)Focus on the screen instead of patient's mouth during scanning.

4)Please check whether the computer is working on integrated graphics card or discrete graphics card.

a. Disable integrated graphics card.

b. Open NVIDIA Control Panel, setup to use only discrete graphics card when SCAN app is functioning. (Please google the method if needed)

Q2. Scanning window start failure

Check whether the graphic driver has been updated to the latest version.

Check whether the scanning can start correctly that clingscanner to occlusal surface and hold it on for a while until green frame is gotten.

It’s normal for SCAN fails to function at the first time of usage, while the initialization is not completely finished. Just restart SCAN and it’ll function

Check whether the intraoral scanner is correctly connected, open MindVision platform

If there’s no camera info detected or if there’s camera info detected but the camera info is not correctly shown in MindVision platform, the intraoral scanner/ adaptor connector port could be loose, or camera hardware might be broken. In this case, please contact Launca service engineers for analysis.

Q3. Scan software system failure or data lose

Any third party antivirus software might result in scan software system failure or data lose.

If the antivirus software has already added Launca scan software into Forbidden List, please undo the forbiddance. Search the setting method of this antivirus software by google if necessary. Finally, uninstall this antivirus software completely.

Q4. Overlap

Rescan the overlap area for several times to gain smooth surface if there’s any overlap.

Q5. Resume scanning for filling holes

Resume scanning could be performed on any areas which have been scanned, no need to scan from the beginning.

Q6. How to auto erase unnecessary soft tissue

For soft tissue, do not stop continuous scanning when there are soft tissues appears on 3D window. Soft tissues could be easily erased if every crown is scanned completely.

Please note if some big holes haven’t been filled and generate a model, soft tissues and teeth may be jointed together.

Q7. Precision degradation is observed or images are not well-stitched during acquisition

Ensure the mirror in the tip is clean by wiping it with a moist, lint-free cloth or lens tissue.

Q8. Fogging appears on the 2D window

Mount a completely dry tip (especially the contact pin) on the scanner, place the scanner in the holder and wait until the fogging fades.

Ensure the tip is in firm contact with the handpiece.