With Launca powerful system, everything go with the flow
To keep up with our highly efficient dental workflow, let us walk through each step of using our digital solution. Partnered with our management software, start by entering patient information, create an order, and import case information form first by choosing the specific teeth with corresponding function.
  • Choose the indications in the case information interface and then move into the scan interface.
  • After scanning the upper jaw, lower jaw and buccal, post-process done, you can trim the data in edit model interface, like removing the unwanted soft-tissue or floating artifacts, and filling holes with AI function. Check there’s no big holes in the working area, if there is, go back to the scan interface to re-scan to fill the holes.
  • After trimming the data, align the models in the buccal interface, and you’ll see the 3D image.
  • By pressing the analyze button in the buccal interface, a color map will shows, which indicates the clearance between opposing jaws, to help the dentist to analyze the buccal bite, whether bite adjustment needed or the preparation is enough etc.
  • After the data captured, you can send the data, including the case description, photos and scanned data to the appointed lab email through cloud service.