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Experience the ultimate comfort and ease of scanning with the Launca DL-300P – the smallest and well-balanced scanner that fits perfectly in your hand.

launca intraoral scanner dl206 vs dl300 in size

Ultra-light weight & Compact size

The DL-300P is one of the smallest scanners on the market now. Weighs only 180 grams, shaped for easier grip and operation.

Larger FOV

Nearly 36% increase in field of view compared to previous generation, greatly improved scanning speed and fluency. 

launca intraoral scanner dl206 vs dl300 in FOV
launca dl300p intraoral scanner have 2 tips for different patient

Two Tip Sizes

Provide users more options to choose, small tip can be used for children and patients with smaller mouths.

Increased Autoclavable Times

Redesigned and more durable scanner tip. Capable of autoclave sterilization up to 80 times.

launca dl300 wireless intraoral scanner tips autoclave 80 times
  • Instant Anti-Fogging

  • Calibration Free

  • Up to 30 FPS

LAUNCA DL-300P Intraoral Scanner
  • Faster Data Acquisition

  • Lightweighted 230g

  • Autoclavable 80 times

  • 30 Seconds

    Full Arch Scan

  • 20 mm

    Scan Depth

  • 15 μm



  • Single Arch Scan Time: 30s
  • Scanning accuracy: <15 μm
  • Scanner Dimension: 220*36*34mm
  • Weight: 230g
  • Tip Size: Standard: 20 mm x17mm | Medium: 17 mm x14.5 mm
  • Scan Depth: -2-18mm
  • 3D Technology: Triangulation
  • Light Source: LED
  • Data Format: STL, PLY
  • Standard Warranty: 2 years
  • Field of View: 17mm X 15mm
  • Autoclavable Times: 80 times
  • Frames Per Second: 30
  • Wireless Range: N/A