Adapts for different clinic scenarios

LAUNCA DL206P intraoral scanner

Fast Scanning

Launca DL-206 is capable to complete a single arch scan within 30 seconds, saving both time and energy for dentists and patients.

Ergonomic & Lightweight

With ergonomic design and light weight camera, Launca scanner is easy to grip without feeling fatigue, providing a comfortable scanning experience for users.

Launca dl206p intraoral scanner is easy to grip
scan mash image by launca dl206 intraoral scanner

High Accuracy

With our proprietary 3D imaging technology, Launca DL-206 is able to scan at incredible point density and capture the exact geometry and color of the patient's teeth, generating accurate scan data for dentists and dental labs.

Small Tip

The 16mm scan tip makes it easy to capture data in hard-to-reach areas while ensuring patient comfort.

launca dl206 intraoral scanner 16mm scan tip ensuring patient comfort
restorative dentistry, orthodontics and implantology

Wide Applications

Launca intraoral scanner is your ideal choice for capturing accurate digital impressions from a single tooth to full arch and can be used for a range of applications, including restorative dentistry, orthodontics and implantology.

User-Friendly Software

Built with simplicity in mind, Launca easy-to-use software and intuitive scan & send digital workflow allow beginners to start scanning more quickly and efficiently.

launca cadcam software

What's in the box

DL 206P
  • Removable Scanner Tip

    Autoclavable times : 40

  • Powder-free

  • User-friendly Interface

LAUNCA DL-206P Intraoral Scanner
  • Anti-Fogging

  • Light Source


  • Open File Format

    Open system to CAD/CAM platforms, STL/PLY output

  • 30 secends

    DL-206 is capable of finishing scanning full-arch scan within 30 seconds.

  • 20 mm

    Higher scan depth enables perfect sharpness and outstanding precision for deeper lying indications.

  • 10 μm

    Local accuracy 10μm; global accuracy- 60μm Accuracy verified by professional dental lab ensures perfect fit rate of dental treatment.


  • Category: Description
  • Dimension: 270*45*37mm
  • Weight: 250g
  • Tip Size: 16.6mm X 16mm
  • Scan Field of View: 15.5mm X 11mm
  • Data Capturing Mode: Video-type
  • Autoclavable Times: 40 times
  • Light Projection: High density LED light dots
  • PC Connection: USB 3.0/3.1/3.2