Interview with Dr. Fabio Oliveira-The way from traditional impressions to digital impressions
Jun 16, 2021
Launca intraoral scanner


Dr. Fabio Oliveira

20+ years of experience

Dental Implant Specialist

Postgraduate Degree in Digital Dentistry

Postgraduate Supervisor at Dental Implant Postgraduate School



1. As a dentist, what do you think of the development of digital dentistry in your country?


Dr. Fabio: In the most recent years, we have seen significant growth in the number of customers/users of Digital Dentistry here in Brazil. In-Person Events, Webinars and other Virtual Meetings and Conferences dedicated exclusively to the Digital Dentistry world have become common and frequent. New brands emerging in the market prove that the digital world is a reality and there is no turning back. As a dentist who keeps up with the times, we need to actively embrace this new change.





2. From traditional impressions to digital impressions, what changes have been made in your workflow?


Dr. Fabio: Many changes have taken place in our daily routine since we implemented the digital streaming. From the quality of the work delivered to the satisfaction of our patients who no longer need to go through the discomfort of long waits and Impression materials. Digital impressions captured by the scanner are more efficient than traditional impressions. The scanner can provide more accurate information because the scanned data can be displayed in real time, allowing patients to see models that they would not be able to see when a traditional impression is taken. Patients will be able to better understand the condition of their teeth, improving treatment acceptance and satisfaction.



Launca intraoral scanner


Dr. Fabio using DL-206 for digital impression in the clinic




3. For you, what is the most important feature as an intraoral scanner? Why do you choose Launca?


Dr. Fabio: For me, a good intraoral scanner, its scanning speed, simple workflow, accuracy, ease of use, affordable price, wide applicability and after-sales service are critical. Launca’s products meet all of the above features. Since its purchase, it has become a great tool in our lab and has been used in many cases. Working with the exceptional accuracy of Launca Intraoral Scanner and software, allows us to achieve better planning and predictability of work, ensuring that we will always deliver the best end-results to our patients. It’s a very satisfying experience for us.





4. Do you have any suggestions for those dentists who want to go digital?


Dr. Fabio: There is no need to hesitate. Going digital is the best choice they can make in the dental industry. Digital technology is helping dentists provide higher quality dental services more efficiently. It saves time and makes the treatment experience better, safer, and more accurate. If they want to take the leap and invest in an intraoral scanner, need to make sure they're getting the best value for their money. For all of my professional colleagues who are thinking of digitalizing their clinics with a remarkable digital software, I highly recommend using Launca Intraoral Scanner.



Click this link to find out more about our intraoral scanner, the DL-206.




Thanks to Dr. Fabio for sharing his insight of digital dentistry and all the support for Launca. We will keep up innovate our technique in 3D imaging in order to help all the dentists enjoy a faster dental treatment workflow.