What Value Can Intraoral Scanners Bring to Your Practice?

In recent years, a growing number of dentists are incorporating intraoral scanners in their practice to build a better experience for patients, and in turn, get better results for their dental practices. An intraoral scanner's accuracy and ease of use have improved a lot since they were first introduced to dentistry. So how can it benefit your practice? We are sure that you’ve heard your peer talking about this intraoral scanning technology but might still have some doubts in your mind. Digital impressions provide many advantages for dentists as well as patients compared to traditional impressions. Let's take a look at some benefits summarized below. 

Accurate scan and eliminate remakes

Intraoral scanning technology has continued to develop in recent years and the accuracy has greatly improved.  Digital impressions eliminate the variables that inevitably occur in traditional impressions like bubbles, distortions, etc., and they will not be affected by the environment. Not only does it reduce the remakes but also the shipping cost. Both you and your patients will benefit from the reduced turnaround time.

Easy to check the quality

Intraoral scanners allow dentists to instantly view and analyze the quality of digital impressions. You'll know if you have a quality digital impression before the patient leaves or sends the scan to your lab. If some data information is missing, such as holes,  it can be identified during the post-processing stage and you can simply rescan the scanned area, which only takes a few seconds.

Impress your patients

Almost all patients like to see the 3D data of their intraoral condition because this is their primary concern. It is easier for dentists to engage the patients and talk about treatment options.  Besides, patients will believe a digital practice using digital scanners is more advanced and professional, they will more likely recommend friends because they are having a comfortable experience. Digital scanning is not only a great marketing tool but an educational tool for patients.

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Effective communication & faster turnaround time

Scan, click, send, and done. Just that simple! Intraoral scanners enable dentists to share the scan data instantly with your lab. The lab will be able to provide timely feedback on the scan and your prep. Because of the immediate receipt of Digital impressions by the lab, IOS can significantly facilitate turnaround times compared to analog workflow, which requires days of time for the same process and significantly higher material and shipping costs.

Excellent return on Investment

Becoming a digital practice offers more opportunities and competitiveness. The payback of digital solutions can be immediate: more new patient visits, greater treatment presentation, and increased patient acceptance, significantly lower material costs and chair time. Satisfied patients will bring in more new patients through word of mouth and this contributes to the long-term success of your dental practice.

Good for you and the planet

Adopting an intraoral scanner is a plan for the future.  Digital workflows do not generate waste as traditional workflows do. It is great for our planet earth’s sustainability while saving costs on the impression materials. At the same time, a lot of storage space is saved because the workflow has gone digital. It's really a win-win for everyone.


Post time: May-20-2022