Launca Medical announce strategic collaboration with IDDA
Jun 16, 2021

We are very excited to announce our strategic collaboration with IDDA (The International Digital Dental Academy), the world's largest international community of digital dentists, technicians, and auxillaries. It's been always our goal to bring the benefit of digital impressions to every corner of the world. This collaboration is undoubtedly a recognition of Launca intraoral scanner, at the same time we are very happy to contribute our innovation for the education of digital dentistry.




digital dental treatment


Dr. Quintus van Tonder, Dr. Adam Nulty, Dr. Chris Lefkaditis and Dr. Patrik Zachrisson

celebrating Dr. Christian Lucas expand his practice with integrating the portable yet powerful Launca DL206 intraoral scanner into his clinic. 




IDDA now owns over 18.500 members in their dental family and is still growing. Their members are located in more than 10 countries which include lecturers, affiliates and dental practitioners.Their mission is to make a difference in enhancing dentists' clinical careers and ultimately providing the best level of care to all patients.


For a professional team in digital dentistry like IDDA, certainly they are looking for the best digital intraoral scanner for their courses. With the detailed internal testing with all the digital scanners in the market and finally Launca DL-206 stands out, Dr. Adam Nulty reveals the reason, " From a professional point of view, Launca DL-206 is anintraoral scanner that shows an impressive level of detail, with the Launca DL-206 scanner mesh being evenly rendered with a very dense mesh. At the same time, it scans fast with high accuracy."



digital impression

IDDA endorse Launca DL-206 by scanning soft tissue



Working with IDDA, is not only the recognition of DL-206, but also certainly accomplishing one of our goals, which is to get more dentists to go digital through professional education.