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We Set up 14 Intraoral Scanners in SDHE 2020

We Set up 14 Intraoral Scanners in SDHE 2020

Invited by the Shenzhen Asia-Pacific Dental High-Tech Expo, Launca medical set up an independent digital scanning area.  14 DL-206 Launca intraoral scanners were all present and brought visitors an immersive intraoral scanning experience!

dental fair

With the perfect digital impression performance of DL-206, experts in the dentistry area all gave their compliments. For those visitors who experienced intraoral scanning for the first time, they were also able to complete the scanning in the shortest time. In a way, Launca is confident to be tested and validated in public, especially at professional exhibitions.

try intraoral scanner
try scanner
launca scanner
dental experts

From the smile of the visitors, we should all recall that every time a tech revolution would change people's life. And now it's the time for digital revolution in dentistry and Launca do hope that every people in the world can enjoy the benefits and convenience of it with less cost and better service. 

Post time: May-21-2021